Canta y Baila Conmigo®

Canta y Baila Conmigo®  is a unique program where young children and their adults experience another culture and language firsthand while exploring and developing musically in an age-appropriate manner. Created by Maddie Welch, a bilingual educator, musician and native Spanish speaker, Canta y Baila Conmigo features:


  • A curriculum with dual, complementary goals of music and language immersion
  • Informal instruction in a supportive, joyful setting
  • Beautiful, professionally recorded music collections carefully selected to represent the wide variety of Hispanic musical traditions and genres
  • An illustrated Spanish-language family songbook including music notation, lyrics and information about the origins of the songs
  • English Language Supplement with song translations, vocabulary and grammar points for families learning Spanish



All babies under four months are free!

We know how important it is for new moms to get out and get connected! Please join us as often as you like, for free (up until 16 weeks). Just use the "Try A Class" option and put "Infant under four months" in the comments. It's OK if it turns out you can't make it. We understand how unpredictable new momming can be! You can attend Mixed Ages or Canta Y Baila Conmigo. If you already know that you want to attend for the full session and receive the home materials from the beginning (CD, Illustrated Songbook, and Download Codes) please contact Stacy (501.547.0060 or so we can pro-rate your tution. You can also register after your baby hits four months for a pro-rated amount.  You'll receive your materials at that time. Or you can opt not to register at all. There is no obligation and no pressure on you to enroll at any time. We're happy to have you with us for as long as you're able to make it! You are welcome to join us for a free trial class at any time.